Top 5 moments of brilliance by Lionel Messi last season

Top 5 moments of brilliance by Lionel Messi last season. Lionel Messi was undoubtedly the best player for Barcelona last season and he had one of his best seasons with the club as well. The 33-year-old had a tough start to the season as there was a huge controversy about his contract. The player wanted to leave but the former club president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, threatened to take legal actions against him if he tried leaving the club.

Messi decided to stay at the club and honor his club however, his relationship with the club was spoiled. Due to this, many thought that he would not perform quite as well as he used to. However, the Argentine knew his professional duties and he had one of his best seasons ever. The legend ended up with 30 goals in the league alone and had a total of 38 goals and 14 assists across all competitions.

The veteran had a lot of brilliant moments last season through all the controversies and he ended up as the most important player. While it is hard to pinpoint the top five moments of his season, that is exactly what we will try to do in this list. The list will not consist of just goals and assists, but also of his celebrations and actions off the pitch.

While it has not been confirmed whether he will be staying or not, president, Joan Laporta, is very confident that he can persuade the legend Thus without saying much more, let’s get into the top Lionel Messi moment of the 2020/21 season:

#5 Lionel Messi links up with Pedri

Lionel Messi was fed up with the way the club was being run into the ground by former president, Josep Bartomeu. He said in an interview that the amount of mismanagement in the club made him want to leave. However, last season, due to financial reasons, the club had to trust their youths and one of the youngsters who had a standout season was Pedri.

The 18-year-old was thrusted into the first team by Ronald Koeman and ever since his first match, he has been unstoppable. Pedri reminds Barcelona fans that the club can and probably should rely on the youths more. Over the recent years, the club has been spending huge amounts on big transfers but it has not been working. Messi recognized the problem as well and thus when he saw players like Pedri being given so much game time, he was delighted.

The captain had many moments of brilliance between him and Pedri, so much so that the youngster’s first assist to the club was a brilliant back pass to Messi. It is clear to see that the veteran is enjoying playing with the youths as the young players bring in more life to the club and looking at Pedri, it won’t be surprising if it reminded Messi of his younger self.

#4 Spectacular goal against Paris Saint-Germain

Although Barcelona were outclassed by PSG over the two legs in the UEFA Champions League round of 16, Messi did have a moment of individual brilliance. The captain of the Catalan kings was looking for a way to break down the rock-solid PSG defense in the second leg, however, the French giants were not letting any balls through. Ousmane Dembele did get a few good chances however, his lack of finishing meant that Barca were still looking for the opening goal.

After conceding the silly penalty and going down 1-0 on the night, Messi knew he had to take matters into his own hands. Since Mauricio Pochettino’s men were defending in numbers, the Argentine captain knew that he would not be able to dribble his way in. Thus, he decided to take a shot from a long way out. The shot was struck with absolute precision and just the right amount of power.

The ball flew into the top left corner and Keylor Navas, even at full stretch, did not stand a chance. The game may have belonged to PSG but the night belonged to Messi and he once again proved that he can score from anywhere on the pitch and that defenders just cannot give him an ounce of space.

#3 Lionel Messi voting for the new president

It was a year of controversies for Barcelona. First Messi wanted to leave, next the president resigned, it seemed like the club was falling apart. However, things were soon back in order and it was announced that a new president would soon be elected. Messi, a player who had publicly stated that he wanted to leave the club, would normally not vote for such an election as the outcome would be futile to him.

However, to many’s surprise, the Catalan captain voted in the elections. This showed us that Messi cares about the future of the club even if he decides that it is his time to move on. Barcelona has always been the legend’s home and he wants the club to thrive even after he retires.

As of now, Messi is still set to leave as a free agent on the 1st of July, however, according to latest reports, the star is ready to accept a big wage cut in order to extend his contract. It seems like Joan Laporta might persuade the legend after all and it goes on to show that Messi loves the club even though the former president made him go through a lot of trouble.

#2 Fifth consecutive Pichichi trophy

Even though Messi said in an interview last year that he does not want individual records and he wanted the whole team to win, the player just can’t stop winning individual accolades. After a fantastic La Liga season, the player ended up with 30 goals in just 35 appearances. This a pure display of dominance as the second position, Gerard Moreno, only has 23 goals.

Even his former teammate, Luis Suarez, who was racing Messi for the Pichichi trophy in the middle of the season, ended up with only 21 goals. This shows us that Messi is a league above the rest and that he is extremely consistent as well.

A fifth consecutive Pichichi trophy has to be a major highlight of his career and he continues to prove his doubters wrong. The player is a generational superstar and it seems like he is only getting better as he ages. We cannot wait to see what he produces next season.

#1 Tribute to Maradona

Messi might be considered the greatest of all time in this generation, however, in the previous generation, it belonged to another Argentine named, Diego Maradona. Maradona was considered a god in football and is the only person who can compete with Pele in terms of popularity and cult status. Messi was a huge Maradona fan while growing up and he was lucky enough to even see the legend once in action. Maradona played five official games for Newell’s Old Boys, the club which Messi would eventually join as well.

After Maradona passed away in 2020, Messi knew that he would have to pay tribute to his idol in a very symbolic fashion. Thus, the next matchday after Maradona’s death, Messi scored a goal and took off his Barcelona shirt to show a Newell’s jersey which used to belong to Maradona himself. It was a heartwarming gesture which shows us how football connects all of us. The moment will forever be embedded within footballing history and Messi’s gesture will have to take the number one spot in this list.

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