Barcelona: Emerson is confident of his return before the next season

Barcelona: Emerson is confident of his return before the next season. Brazillian right-back Emerson Royal confidently bets on his chips of making a comeback to FC Barcelona as his Real Betis’ contract is soon running out.–165913746/–165913134/–165913047/–165913079/–165913746/–165913134/–165913047/–165913079/–165913746/–165913134/–165913047/–165913079/–165913746/–165913134/–165913047/–165913079/–165913746/–165913134/–165913047/–165913079/–165913746/–165913134/–165913047/–165913079/–165913746/–165913134/–165913047/–165913079/–165913746/–165913134/–165913047/–165913079/–165913746/–165913134/–165913047/–165913079/

The talented right-wing back had signed for Barça from Atlético Mineiro for €12.7 million. The transfer fee was mutually shared via an agreement between Barça and Real Betis that retained them with a percentage of Emerson’s economic rights. He became a Betis player in 2019, with Barça holding an option of reacquiring him for €6 million in 2021.

Is Emerson a good fit for Barcelona?

The Brazillian has played brilliantly this season as compared to his last two. He has shown significant improvements in his statistical and trajectorial growth for being considered a solid option for the Blaugrana. The Barcelonistes are expected to buy back 80% of Emerson’s rights to snatch him away from Benito Villamarín.

“I have a contract with Barça and I want to fulfil it, I’m happy to have so much recognition. As of July 1, my Betis contract ends and I have three years at Barça. I’m happy. It’s a club I’ve dreamt of playing for since I started playing football and every footballer wants to play for Barcelona. I’ll continue to do my job for the national team and then try to establish myself at Barcelona.” – Emerson via Marca.

Emerson has equally grabbed the attention of the Brazillian national team, as they have selected him over the veteran Dani Alves as his successor. Alves had always been an asset for both his national team and his former club. Royal certainly has some big shoes to fill after already drawing expectations and comparisons to Dani.

“Dani Alves is very important to me,” Emerson said. “I have a lot of affection for him and I’ve always followed him. He’s an inspiration and I hope to meet him personally, with the national team or away from it. I can learn a lot from him.”

It’s an interesting anecdote that both the successor and the predecessor were talented Brazillian right-backs, who left a Seville-based club only to join FC Barcelona.

One of Ronald Koeman’s first transfer requests last season was Memphis Depay from Lyon. The Dutch winger is very well known to Koeman and they worked closely together in the Netherland national team. In the international team, the Barcelona manager tried to shape the team around Depay while also transforming the traditional winger into a number nine.

This turned out to be a solid decision as the winger-turned striker has done fantastically in the French league and has become one of the top scorers in the league. The former Manchester United player suffered during his time in England and many thought that he was an overrated player. However, ever since his move to Lyon, Depay has shown the world what he can really do.

Koeman had his eyes set on a reunion with Depay after letting Luis Suarez go. However, the move could not take place due to financial constraints and the inability to sell Ousmane Dembele. The plan was to sell Dembele to Manchester United and use that money to fund the transfer of the Dutch winger however, Dembele refused to move away from Barcelona and thus the whole plan fell apart.

It may have been a blessing in disguise as the player will become a free agent by the end of the season and everything points towards him moving to Barcelona. This means that the Catalans will acquire the player for free and this will help them a lot considering the financial situation they are currently in.

Now that it has been confirmed that he will be leaving Lyon, there is a very good possibility of the player ending up in Barcelona. Thus he could be the central point in the teams’ attack next season. Today we will be looking at the five things Memphis Depay will bring to the Catalan club if the transfer goes through.

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