Role of Product photography in product page optimization

E-commerce websites are always aimed at converting browsers into potential customers; typically, there are multiple factors like page layout, SEO optimization, and product images that determine the traffic flow on a product page. Product images play an important role in the success of e-commerce platforms; putting the right set of images for product listing makes […]


Can Russia back down in Ukraine?

“My guess is he will move in. He has to do something,” President Joe Biden said of Russian President Vladimir Putin during a Wednesday press conference. Biden was describing the predicament his counterpart has created for himself in Eastern Europe, as Russia has stationed tens of thousands of troops along the Ukrainian border. Biden added […]


China’s success taming virus could make exit strategy harder

The sweeping “zero-tolerance” strategy that China has used to keep COVID-19 case numbers low and its economy functioning may, paradoxically, make it harder for the country to exit the pandemic. Most experts say the coronavirus around the world isn’t going away and believe it could eventually become, like the flu, a persistent but generally manageable […]